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My Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Intuitive Eaters

Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

I don’t know about you, but as I’m typing this, I’m realizing I have 2 weeks to get all my Christmas shopping done and it’s stressing me out a little! I normally plan ahead, but this year I’ve been saving up for home renovations…which means my spending is limited and I’ve put Christmas shopping on the back burner. Oops!

Well, I’m a believer that late is better than never, so this post on gift ideas is just in time. If you need some ideas for affordable, easy-to-obtain gifts for your favorite intuitive eater, keep reading! And hey, there’s no shame in using these ideas to get gifts for yourself too!

My Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Intuitive Eaters

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1. Gift cards

Nothing says “I love you” quite like free money to go to your favorite stores, restaurants and retailers! I personally love it when people give me restaurant gift cards. I mean, what’s better than a delicious meal that you don’t have to cook?!

Buying your favorite intuitive eater a gift card also gives them the freedom to buy whatever best suits them. It decreases the risk of getting them the wrong size, style, or option from a store. And when it comes to food/restaurants, it encourages both gentle nutrition and food freedom, which is the best of both worlds!

white mug that says "I don't care about your diet"

2. Anti-diet culture merchandise

This one is for those of us who are so fed up with the lies diet culture has spewed out into the world, we’re willing to show off our disdain. You can check out websites like Redbubble, Etsy, and more and find everything from t-shirts to bumper stickers.

A word of caution: some of these can be a bit crude and…liberal, so to speak. You may want to check and make sure your gift choice doesn’t offend the person you’re giving it to!

group of men and women in a cooking class

3. Cooking/baking classes

Treating yourself or your favorite intuitive eater to a cooking or baking class is such a fun way to celebrate food freedom! You and a friend/spouse/loved one can learn how to make homemade pasta, French macaroons, gourmet pastries, or whatever suits your fancy. It makes for a wonderful experience and “sweet” memories.

self care items, such as essential oils, brushes, and combs, on a neatly arranged on a table

4. A self-care gift basket

Whether you’re an intuitive eater or not, every woman loves a basket full of self-care goodies! Find out what your friend loves to do in her free time and fill up a basket with items she can use for rest and relaxation. In my Self-care Sunday post, I have steps for planning self-care, and in my coping skills post, I have some self-care ideas you can use.

3 book covers for christian body positivity books

5. (Faith-based) Body-Positive books

Truly, there are lots of great body positivity books out there. In fact, I spend the majority of my time blogging about Intuitive Eating, which is an excellent body-positive resource grounded in research and years of trial and error.

While you don’t have to select a Christian body-positivity book, I personally encourage a biblical perspective for respecting your body and improving your body image. Here are a few books that I recommend here, here, and here!

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