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5 Reasons to Start Reading a Holistic Nutrition Blog Right Now

What is a “Holistic Nutrition Blog”?

Chances are high that you’ve seen the term “holistic” thrown around on the internet, probably in reference to medicine. It basically refers to practices meant to treat “the whole person:” body, mind, and spirit, so a holistic nutrition blog is an online nutrition platform that focuses on the nourishment of the whole person (1).

But how can you spot a real holistic nutrition blog from a basic Google Search? That’s what I’ll be talking about in this blog post…because not all holistic nutrition blogs are created equal!

Nutrition Misinformation is EVERYWHERE

I’m sure you are already aware that just about anyone can start a holistic nutrition blog and claim to be an expert in nutrition. Years ago, one of my former professors showed my class that even a DOG can get a fake nutritionist certificate in the U.S…say what?

All jokes aside, it is important for you to be careful about where you get your nutrition information! 

As a registered dietitian (RD) who is has had the education and training to give research-based nutrition advice, I recommend looking for nutrition information that was created or reviewed by an RD. 

However, there are many, many other professionals and non-professionals that give sound nutrition advice. The real question is this: is it sound nutrition advice for YOU?

Many holistic nutrition blogs promote organic, plant-based eating patterns, such as vegan/vegetarian diets. And while there is truly nothing wrong with this, many of these blogs may be using pseudoscience or anecdotal evidence to justify the superiority of a certain way of eating and living.

There are studies to back up the health benefits of plant-based eating, but does that mean you should become a vegan or vegetarian? Not necessarily. 

For example, some of the barriers to plant-based eating researchers have cited include cost/food waste, difficulty eliminating meat/animal proteins, risk of nutrient deficiencies (i.e. protein, vitamin B12, iron), boredom/tasteless meals, and potential risk of developing an eating disorder (2).

What I’m NOT saying is that plant-based eating, or any other eating pattern, is undesirable. I am saying that if this is undesirable for YOU, there’s a better way!

Intuitive Eating: A Holistic Approach to Authentic Health

Intuitive Eating (IE) is a wonderful solution to this dilemma! As authors Tribole and Resch state in the 3rd edition of their IE book:

“One of the most frequent comments that we have heard from people concerns the despair that was felt after years and years of failed dieting experiences and the new hope that blossomed after finding and reading Intuitive Eating.” (3)

This new hope isn’t just limited to your relationship with food. It includes a complete renewal of how we see our bodies, minds, and spirits.

In my recent blog post on healing your relationship with food, I talk about how IE allows you to go from living in constant worry about what and how you eat to trusting that God created your body in such a way that you CAN listen to what it is telling you.

Here are a few other ways that IE is holistic in nature:

  • It allows you to have attunement with your body’s natural cues
  • IE focuses on your mental health just as much as your physical health
  • It embraces the act of eating as an emotional and spiritual experience

This is why The Joyfully Nourished Life has IE as its foundation. This is a holistic nutrition blog that recognizes that you are a WHOLE person who needs to be treated that way in order to achieve authentic health.

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5 Reasons to Start Reading a Holistic Nutrition Blog

So here are a few important reasons to read and subscribe to a holistic nutrition blog you can trust:

1. Authentic health cannot exist without a holistic approach to nutrition.

The authors of Intuitive Eating define authentic health as a “dynamic integration of your inner world and the external world of health guidelines, which include exercise and nutrition.”(3) It requires “inner attunement” AND a good filter for what fits your healthy lifestyle.

You must be in-tune with your body on a deep level in order to understand what health and wellness information is worth implementing. Otherwise, you may take information like “plant-based diets promote heart health” as an all-or-nothing food rule.

You need to know what food helps your body function and feel its best. In Intuitive Eating, this is called gentle nutrition. With all of the bogus health advice and misinformation about nutrition in the media, it is refreshing to have a reliable holistic nutrition blog to use as a buffer!

2. When you are unsure of what path to take with your health, you have a place to turn.

This is a good segue from reason #1. Reading a holistic nutrition blog can help guide your decision-making when it comes to healthy lifestyle change that aligns with your unique body, mind, and spirit.

For example, in my blog post reviewing several ways to cope with your emotions without using food, I help guide you through some reasons why you may be using food to cope. Then I offer a wide variety of ways you can cope without using food that can fit your unique preferences and health goals.

It can be very challenging to know what to do next when you have been given a diagnosis like depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, or cancer. A holistic nutrition blog can be a place to turn when you reach a dead end with traditional medical advice you receive from your doctor.

Disclaimer: However, I do NOT recommend using a holistic nutrition blog as a replacement for seeking individualized medical care. Bloggers like myself are writing to a general audience, which means the content is not intended to treat or cure any specific conditions you may have.

3. There’s often MUCH less emphasis on weight/weight loss.

While this isn’t true across the board, many holistic nutrition bloggers do emphasize healthy living over weight loss. If a blog endorses Intuitive Eating or Health At Every Size, you can rest assured it has weight-neutral content. The Joyfully Nourished Life blog surely does!

It is important to clarify this: weight loss is NOT a bad thing to want! In fact, many people experience weight loss as a result of making healthy lifestyle changes that are holistic and sustainable. 

I just encourage you to have a healthy relationship with your “here and now” body regardless of that desire!

The point isn’t to promote or avoid weight loss. The point is to achieve authentic health that you can experience with OR without it. You’ll just learn how to measure progress in a different way (i.e. mental health, energy level, hunger/fullness cues, stress level, medical lab work, etc.).

For more ways to nourish your body in a holistic way without trying to lose weight, check out this blog post!

4. It can help put you back in the “driver’s seat” of your healthcare.

In the United States, the traditional model of healthcare has a very “hierarchical” framework. Having worked in healthcare for the last 5 years, I’ll admit it is not good for those receiving care. 

Healthcare professionals often use language like “adherence” and “compliance” to describe how well a patient follows their recommendations. It’s very controlling and limits the power of choice for the one who receives the care. 

Subscribing to a holistic nutrition blog can help you manage your own health! From educational materials to spiritual care practices (i.e. prayer), you can use the information on the holistic blog to achieve better health. 

Healthcare shouldn’t begin and end in your doctor’s office! And don’t be afraid to discuss your healthy lifestyle changes and goals with your doctor. You may inspire them to discuss these things with other patients who can benefit from healthy lifestyle changes as well.

5. You no longer want to feel “disconnected” from your body.

This is one of my favorite reasons! As I mentioned before, you are a whole person comprised of a body, mind, and spirit. The health of each of these components depends on the other.

A holistic nutrition blog like The Joyfully Nourished Life can help you regain interconnectedness to your God-given body. In order to truly experience authentic health physically, you need to experience it mentally and spiritually too.

The Joyfully Nourished Life seeks to help you quit dieting as a means of manipulating your body and live joyfully by embracing your body as being “fearfully and wonderfully made” right here and now. 

This requires starting to heal the mental and spiritual wounds that diet culture has inflicted on you for years and years through Intuitive Eating. It is a long journey with many ups and downs, but I can attest that it is TOTALLY worth it!

The Joyfully Nourished Life: Your Holistic Nutrition Blog

Which of these 5 reasons is most helpful for you? There are so many great holistic nutrition blogs out there. I am SO appreciative that you have chosen to read this one! 

Please know that you can trust the content on The Joyfully Nourished Life blog to be research-based, up-to-date, and focused on helping you improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

As always, feel free to comment below, send me a DM on Instagram @thejoyfullynourishedlife, or email at if you have any questions!

Much love, friends! <3

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